OVER-Stuffing Myself with Mexican at Mexico!


My really good long-time friend and I were way over-due for a lunch. We hadn’t seen eachother since before the holidays, so it was definitely time to catch up over some delicious food! We both love to EAT!  She suggested Nicos or Mexico. Since I had never been to Mexico (the restaurant), that’s what I chose. I actually had never even heard of the restaurant. It is tucked away in the middle of Kalihi which I don’t get out to much. It is located at 1247 North School Street. Look for this sign. If you are driving West, it will be on your left side. DSC06389 DSC06388

I have to warn you the parking is a little tricky. As you enter, parking spaces are going downhill and to get out of the parking lot, you have to drive down the hill a bit then turn left into a narrow lane.

The atmostphere is lively and festive. Lots of tables and at lunch it’s not that crowded but I hear dinner is packed. We get served some chips and salsa. I love the chips. The salsa, I believe, is not made with fresh tomatoes, maybe canned tomatoes. It’s mild for me since I like mine with a kick!


I was so starved so I wanted one of everything. I ordered a triple combo with a Beef Burrito, Chicken Enchilada AND a Beef Taco with BLACK beans and Rice! For only $18.95, this was quite a deal! I didn’t realize the portions would be so huge! Guess what I’m having for dinner tonight…


My friend went with the Chili Verde… Really yummy.


Since we were at lunch I could not taste the margaritas so I will have to come back for that. Fun, casual, lively atmosphere, pretty good pleasant service, very generous portions. Plus when you’re in good company, all food taste good!

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