Fish Eating Dead Skin off Your Feet in Thailand…

Yikes! Can I do really do this? I’ve heard of it before, but have never seen it until I went to Thailand. Once again… I thought to myself… when will I get the chance to have tiny fish eat the dead skin off my feet??? That sounds disgusting and there are lots of warnings about health hazards. Of course, I decide to do it anyway…


Looking at these little guys in the big tank they seemed harmless and the surroundings of this little spa looked inviting and comfy.

DSCF5173 DSCF5172

Here I go….


It is incredibly ticklish and it’s a sensation I just cannot describe. It’s not painful in anyway, but I can’t say it feels good, so I hope sitting through this will give me soft feet as it’s supposed to… I’m glad once it’s over and now it’s time for a massage…


Thankfully, I did not get harmed in any way healthwise. Glad I did it, but don’t need to do it again.

2 thoughts on “Fish Eating Dead Skin off Your Feet in Thailand…

  1. Hey, could you please tell me what type of fish they are? I’ve heard of Garra Rufa, but they are ilegal in Australia… So I’m looking for a fish that’s legal in Australia and also eats only dead skin…
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Please reply by email or comment. Thanks. 🙂
    (To anyone reading this)

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