Bridges…Excellent Dining in Ubud, Bali

We were in Ubud Bali for just a few days and were fortunate to stumble upon this excellent restaurant Bridges.

DSCF6627 DSCF6628

They sat us at a beautiful table and the girls were ready to eat!

DSCF6630 DSCF6623 DSCF6639

They started us off with some Focacia with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, while we decided what to order.


These are some of the dishese we decided on. Everything was excellent, Fish, Eggplant, shrimp, etc. and of course the dessert too!

DSCF6653 DSCF6652 DSCF6648 DSCF6649 DSCF6651

During the dinner, Shelley decides to play a prank on the wait staff and kept drinking all her water and hiding her glass under the table. They were puzzled why her glass kept disappearing but didn’t say a peep and kept bringing her a new glass. Finally,Shelley drank so much water, she couldn’t take it anymore and and had to confess. We all had a great laugh!


John and Terry finally show up and so does the owner and we definitely tell him how great the staff are.

DSCF6655 DSCF6658

We are full and very content!


Shelley ends the night by teaching the wait staff how to fold dollar bills into bowties. It was a riot watching them!

DSCF6676 DSCF6677

Here are some of the kitchen staff who prepared the excellent food.


I am very grateful for a fine dinner and great company but even more grateful for being able to interact and share some laughter with the local people. They truly made this yet another memorable experience. Laughter is a universal language and it can be shared by anyone, anywhere…


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