Le Bistro…Perfect Dinner plus Perfect Company equals the Perfect Cure for the Blues…

I was feeling a bit down so one of my dearest friends Linda suggested we have dinner at Le Bistro at the Niu Valley Shopping Center, her favorite restaurant. I was definitely in need of some QT with a very good friend, who I can talk to about anything without judgement, and someone who just “gets me” without me having to explain myself in a thousand words…She is such a strong, caring person, who is as real and authentic as it gets. She’s a smart business owner, devoted mom and wife, and certainly a person whom I really admire.

It was a great suggestion since I had not been to this restaurant for a few years. It’s a pretty small restaurant serving French cuisine and I have only heard positive feedback from anyone who has ever dined here. If you are ever in Hawaii, I highly recommend putting Le Bistro on your list of restaurants to visit. You will not be disappointed. Make sure to call for reservations well in advance.


As soon as we ordered our cocktails, Linda also ordered the Escargot, raving about them. She says she cannot find Escargot anywhere that tastes better than theirs. In fact, she said when she brought her parents here, her mother, who first refused to eat Escargot, reluctantly tried it,  loved it and couldn’t stop dipping her bread into the garlic melted butter… Linda was right! I could’ve had 20 of these and a loaf of bread for dinner and I would’ve been in heaven. How can you go wrong with hot garlic butter over anything?

Their menu is just right with enough selection to appeal to any palate, but not too overwhelming where you’re so confused on what to order. Everything sounded good, but when our waiter rattled off the evening’s specials, that’s what we had to go for.

I was inititally going to order the Rack of Lamb that was also a featured special of the night, but since Linda doesn’t eat Lamb, my second choice was the Opakapaka (Pink Snapper). I wanted to order something we could both share. I have to be honest…I don’t know what the exact preparation and description was, since I wasn’t paying close attention to the waiter. The sauce was creamy, with a little bit of tang and the 2 pieces of fish were cooked just right so it was flaky and moist. They were laid on a couple slices of tender potato and baby zuchini and yellow squash. It was topped with some other delicate vegetables that made it a tasty, perfectly balanced dish.


For Linda’s entree, she order the Beef Quartet which included mini samples of 4 heavenly dishes. I was so happy she was willing to share her dinner too!

First there were a few slices of Ribeye Steak over baby zuchini and yellow squash. Sauce was to die for and the steak cooked perfect.


Then, Braised Beef over mashed potatoes. Meat was so tender it practically melted in your mouth.


Next a couple slices of Prime Rib, again, cooked perfectly…


Lastly, a Mini Burger stuffed Foie Gras. Lucky me, Linda doesn’t eat Foie Gras so she passed it over, but I was so stuffed at that point I had them wrap it up and will have it for a snack today.


Every dish we had was seasoned and prepared perfectly! My observation, is that many restaurants in Hawaii “over-season and salt” their food and sometimes over do the sauces and add too many layers of this and that. Here, at Le Bistro, it was done just right where all the dishes had has lots of FLAVOR, not just saltiness and drowning in sauces that you don’t even know what you are eating.

The restaurant was extremely crowded and busy the entire night but we could still hear our conversations easily and even with the tables so close to eachother, we still had enough privacy that the next table was not eavesdropping on our gossip. The service was also excellent from the moment we stepped in the door. Again, not overdone, where staff is filing up your water glass each time you take a sip, but we never felt like we were waiting for anyone to tend to us.

I am grateful for having a remarkle friend like Linda and I’m grateful for another fantastic meal and great conversation. It was the perfect combo to lift my spirits! Thank you Linda! Cheers to a great night!

One thought on “Le Bistro…Perfect Dinner plus Perfect Company equals the Perfect Cure for the Blues…

  1. I am overly blessed to have you in my life and enjoy such a great meal along with a great friend. I have never been disappointed with Le Bistro, the food is always excellent! Last night was extra special because I got to share the experience with you! Looking forward to more qt time with you…Love you!

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