Spain…Working up an Appetite and Soaking up the Sunshine!


Shelley is up to one of here shenanigans AGAIN! LOL! In 2007, Spain was the very first trip I took with Shelley, my childhood best friend. As I mentioned before, my posts will not be in order since I started this blog so late, but have lots of funny stories and FOOD to share.

We arrived at a beautiful area in Spain…ocean front. This was the view from our room.

FH020030 FH020026

We strolled along the border was we were all starving and decided on this cute little restaurant.

Yes, I love my bubbly!

FH020029 FH020032

I ordered an AMAZING Seafood Paella… WOW!


While walking back I saw lots of these along the way… grilled fish. I wish I could’ve tried some but I was just too ful from the Paella and Cava I just had.

FH020036 FH020037

There are local people fishing…enjoying the sun and ocean. Life is good!

FH020039 FH020038

This trip is what intriqued and inspired me to want to travel and see as much of the world as I can….

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