My Journey to the Sydney Fish Market! Australia…

I don’t mind getting my face and hands REALLY REALLY MESSY if it’s to enjoy this delicious creature!


We were advised to check out the Sydney Fish Market and I’m so glad we did.

DSC04412 DSC04411 DSC04409

We wandered around big open market… This was the first stop…

DSC04424 DSC04423

My friend didn’t hesitate to make new friends as she usually does, with the local fishermen.


You smell the ocean walking in. I coudn’t believe all these oysters displayed, then realized this hard worker had to shuck oysters all day, everyday! I wondered how many years he’d been doing this, but as he looked like an expert, it must’ve been a lot !

DSC04417 DSC04418 DSC04419

Then I got to see all kinds of fish and seafood… some I’ve never seen before.

DSC04429 DSC04428 DSC04427 DSC04416

I just LOVE checking all this out!


My first meal here…I chose a variety of dishes… I wanted to try one of each!

DSC04435 DSC04434

My friend Shelley’s selection…

DSC04433 DSC04431

After a few bites of my meal, I wasn’t quite satisfied so I wandered around and wanted some fresh crab!


You pick a crab and tell them the type of sauce you want it prepared in.

I chose the Shanghai Chili Sauce style…


Now you are talking… This hit the spot…

As the place is extremely crowded and people are forced to share tables we came across this young couple who was on vacation. One from China and one from Dubai… they met in school and were the cutest couple. We had a great time chatting with them and enjoying our delicous meal. At the end we realized how smelly our hands were. I gave them a bottle of lemon essential oil to get rid of the smell and in return, this young lady gave me a tiny bottle of perfume she had in her purse.


Again… it was the people we met here, the fisherman, this young couple, strangers who we crossed paths with, which made this excursion the Sydney Fish Market so much for memorable!

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