Muay Thai Boxing Match in Thailand… What an experience!


Muay Thai Boxing is an event I had to watch while I was in Thailand. It wasn’t planned, but a friend I met, while on the trip said her husband and kids were going to a match later that evening. It seems this event is held late night but I asked him if I could tag along as I was really intrigued.

I have to say I have mixed feelings about this. One of the matches was between 2 very young boys. They looked about 9, 10? I’m really not sure. It was difficult to guess because their faces looked so young and innocent, but it is unusual for kids that age to have the muscular physique as these boys did. They have obviously been training for years.. perhaps even more than half their lives? I heard they sometimes start as young as 4 years old? I could be wrong?


Here’s a video of 2 young fighters warming up and doing their opening ritual for their match.

They start the fighting and they are looking fierce!

They go at it again!  I couldn’t believe the intensity, focus, determination and agression they displayed.

What I’m also fascinated with is the crowd! The locals take this serious and they are cheering like crazy! The energy I feel is indescribable…

DSCF6020 DSCF6018 DSCF6016

It’s time for a break…

I can’t help but feel badly for this young man while I’m video taping this, I see his innocent face. The pressure he has to be feeling, not just emotionally, but mentally, physically…OR does he love this exciting life?

They go at it again and again… Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

This is one of the competitors after the match. He seemed fine and didn’t seem to be in any pain. Sort of like he just came home from a day at school. I suppose they train hard and he is resilient. Lots of people rushed to take photos with and of him. I wonder if he enjoys the celebrity-like status, or if he ever wishes to have a normal life… but what is normal in other countries? I suppose this could be the normal life in Thailand. Each country has their own unique culture which is what I find so fascinating when I travel and always make an effort do immerse myself in in the local foods and culture as much as I can.


Again, this was a thrilling yet unsettling experience for me. I have a pretty weak stomach when watching fights, even if I’m just watching it on TV.

I’m grateful to have experienced watching a LIVE Muay Thai Boxing match in Thailand. I’m grateful for all I have. I’m grateful that my young nephews are able to live a fairly normal (in the American-sense) nice life, playing football, soccer, baseball, basketball, going to school, hanging out with their friends and family…I wish the best of luck to these 2 young lads. I hope all their hard work pays off for them. I’m sure they are TRUE fighters not just in the boxing ring but also in LIFE!

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