This little Piggy never went home…OPEN MARKET in KOREA

If you ever visit an open market in Korea, be prepared to be SHOCKED and try to be OPEN-MINDED.


The more foreign traveling I do, the more fascinated I am by all the different markets I come across. This is one we visited in Korea to buy groceries for my aunt to cook dinner.

DSC03788 DSC03807


All different cuts of meat and poultry freshly butchered!

DSC03789  DSC03822


even  Chicken Feet! A delicacy in Korean and Chinese cuisine…some folks say they like the chewy texture. This is one thing I have tasted, but can’t grow too fond of… YET


OR you can pick up some Pigs Feet already seasoned, cooked and prepared ready to eat! I have to say I do enjoy this with shrimp sauce and kimchee all wrapped up in lettuce with a shot of Soju. It is pretty darn satisfying!


You need some FISH? They got it! All kind of fresh fish and seafood in all shapes and sizes.

DSC03797 DSC03796

I also LOVE all the ready made Ban Chan (Korean side dishes – Kimchee, pickled and salted Veggies)

DSC03806 DSC03805

Pickled and Salted Turnip all ready to go, Chili Peppers dried, crushed… you need it, they got it all!


DSC03798 DSC03799 DSC03802

These are also a favorite of mine too…salted Fish Roe seasoned with Chili Pepper called Myeongran-Jeot. I could easily eat this over a hot bowl of rice as a meal. Really yummy!


As you know Koreans use a LOT of GARLIC in their cooking so how convenient is this to buy it already peeled. I can’t imagine how long it took to fill up this basket. I wonder how much they sell in a day?!!!

DSC03809 DSC03808

Not everything is different here… they have lots of fresh Fruits and Veggies. In fact, I have to say I’ve eaten some of the sweetest, freshest fruits in Korea. They don’t come close to what I have at home, especially their Strawberries, Tangerines, Watermelon, Peaches, Pears and Grapes! My favorite fruits!

DSC03785 DSC03802


You can also pick up your favoriet Korean Rice Cakes, so fresh they are still warm….mmmmmmm

DSC03820 DSC03784

I could’ve wandered around here all day. For me, this is an excursion and adventure in itself.  Incase you are wondering, we didn’t take the pig head home nor any pork for that matter… what we had was Raw Skatefish and Korean Spicy Chicken… you can see more in my previous post!

2 thoughts on “This little Piggy never went home…OPEN MARKET in KOREA

  1. The green onion looks like it’s on steroids! I’ve never seen green onion so BIG! When I saw the pigs head, it reminded me of a Chinese open market in Chinatown.

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