Best Grilled Fish in Korea!


Lucky us!!! My uncle took us to ANOTHER Awesome Korean Restaurant specializing in Grilled Fish! That’s all they serve and they know how to do it right! All kinds of Grilled Fish!


First things first…we had been driving awhile so I had to use the restroom first especially after the long wait. This was the funniest sign. Of course even after I read it, I bumped my head! OUCH!


Like most Korean restaurants, we were served some delicious mouth watering Ban Chan (Korean Side Dishes) All this with a hot bowl of rice is a meal in itself! BUT WAIT!

Check out their healthy rice cooked in a special bowl that makes the edges crispy. It is mixed with beans and grains. After you scoop the rice out, they bring you tea to pour into the pot to make tea rice. SOOOOOOOO goooooooood!


Then they brought out several different kinds of grilled fish.. salty crispy skin cooked so perfect with flaky tasty meat! All bones in and it’s so fun to eat around the bones!


Now this is a what I call a darn good meal! Health, tasty and so memorable!

DSC02828 DSC02827 DSC02826 DSC02823

We are all so satisfied thanks to my uncle for another authentic Korean food experience!

2 thoughts on “Best Grilled Fish in Korea!

  1. The bathroom sign looked soooooooo cute. The door didn’t look too low in the pic, but if you bumped you head……..I guess the door was low.

    The grilled fish looks real good, as well as the rice in the stone dish.

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