Authentic Korean Home Cooking by my Aunt..Korean seasoned Skatefish “Hong Oh Hwe” and Spicy Chicken “Dak Do Ri Tang”

This was another super cool eating adventure I experienced in Korea! First check out the butchering action of this Skate Fish.

Click on this link.
Skatefish cutting 1

I totally tripped out just watching them.

While in Korea, My aunt was going to cook dinner for us at her house. Trying to figure out what to make was resolved by going to the open market and finding this fresh Skatefish and fresh Chicken!

DSC03818 DSC03816

The merchant will chop it up for you if you ask.

DSC03813   DSC03814

We got the main ingredients and went home to start the cooking! Here’s my aunt in the apron, who cooked us a wonderful meal, her mother in law and my mom.


First the Skatefish is seasoned with Gojuchang Sauce, Vinegar, Sugar, Sesame Seeds and tossed with sliced Cucumber, Watercress and Onion. My mouth was watering just watching my aunt mix it up!

DSC03834 DSC03835

Now it’s time for to make the Spicy Korean Braised Chicken, Dak Do Ri Tang. My Aunt pulled out some hot chili peppers from her freezer.


She got a big pot and added the Chopped up chicken with the bone and skin still on, Hot Chili Pepper Powder, Gochujang sauce, sliced Onions, chopped fresh Chili Pepper, Potatoes and Carrots


and just let it simmer in all it’s goodness..then top off with sliced Green Onions.


My uncle came home with a case of our favorite spirits!  SOJU! and we also enjoyed this Plum Wine.

DSC03838 DSC03833

If you didn’t already know… Koreans LOVE to eat and feast! You can never have too much food so they also ordered some Fried Chicken that you can actually have delivered to you. It’s a good thing we don’t have this where I live, or I’d be in trouble and 50 pounds heavier!

DSC03840 DSC03841 DSC03842

and Dukbokki, Spicy Stir-Fried Korean Mochi.


As you can see… we had a HUGE FEAST and lots of spirits! What an awesome dinner! I was so grateful for another amazing meal !

DSC03836 DSC03839

4 thoughts on “Authentic Korean Home Cooking by my Aunt..Korean seasoned Skatefish “Hong Oh Hwe” and Spicy Chicken “Dak Do Ri Tang”

  1. Wow, alot of work to prepare / butcher a skate fish! At first I thought it was a sting ray.. but it seems they are somewhat different beasts all together!

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