My Introduction to Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia

My famous travel buddy Shelley and I took a trip to Australia in June of 2012. We only had enough time to visit Sydney and Cairns. The only thing Shelley requested to do on this trip was to make a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. I did most of the planning myself with a little help from Thetravelbug. Lorrie recommended we take a day trip on the Quicksilver and it was definitely a great suggestion. As we boarded on this perfect day I could not have asked for a better view. It was magnificent and I was excited!!!

DSC04699 DSC04695

They got all of boarded and seated, and then started asking if anyone wanted to sign up for an optional Introductory Scuba Diving session. I was never interested in getting certified and all that stuff, but since this excursion didn’t need it and was supposed to safe for folks like me who had no idea what they were doing, we both agreed. LET’S DO IT! Shelley kept reminding me we may never get this chance again!

DSC04698  DSC04701 DSC04711

The waters seemed so calm and serene and the ocean was so inviting and it felt very safe. Until I stepped out to take some shots! Whoahhhhhh!

DSC04719  DSC04717 DSC04713

They went through a rundown of rules and safety precautions. I should’ve listened more carefully. (I was never a good student and have a very short attention span)

I have to say I paid closer attention when this fellow was giving us the down low. What a cutie!


We were fed a huge lunch buffet, which I shouldn’t have ate so much because it made it very difficult for me to breathe with a full stomach, wearing what felt like 50 pounds of scuba diving gear.

DSC04721 DSC04720 DSC04722  DSC04722

We are almost ready to go! We got paired up with these 2 young ladies. There were a bit nervous too so we were all in it together.


Here is the YouTube Video if you are interested in seeing the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. It is quite long so skip when you had enough.

YAY!!!!! WE made it and boy I tell you I almost backed out a few times. Honestly, I was feeling anxious and afraid I couldn’t breathe. It took the guidance of the awesome instructors to keep me calm and to help me get through it.


I was relieved yet felt exhilirated after the dive session. We sat next to a wonderful family with 3 gorgeous girls who soon became our BFFs!

DSC04733 DSC04732 DSC04729

Another friend from the Cruise who looked like Jack Nicholson. Had to take a picture with him.


Another cool adventure that I am soooo glad I experienced. Not sure if I need to do it again but I’m so grateful for a merorable journey on the sea and the chance to meet some really wonderful people along the way!

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