Another Fish and Seafood Adventure in KOREA!


I was fortunate to be in Korea with mom and travel buddy Shelly to visit family and my Aunt and Uncle took us to this great restaurant. I would’v never found this place on my own if I wasn’t visiting family. You truly find the best eating places while traveling if you have family or friends who live there and know where to go.

This is my aunt and uncle that took treated us to one of the best meals!


My aunt, uncle and mom are ready to enjoy a great meal including me!

DSC03710 DSC03709

What I love about Korean restaurants are all the different side dishes… This restuaurant served 3 different kinds of kimchee and cabbage salad. Refills are always provided. YAY!

DSC03714 DSC03713 DSC03712 DSC03715 DSC03716

One of my favorite things about eating at Korean Restaurants is that they cook right at your table. The dishes are piping hot and fresh! Our first course was fish and seafood in a spicy Gojujang Sauce with bean sprouts and greens. SPICY but soooooooooooooo goooooood!


We’ll CHEERS to that! Of course we had our usual SOJU!

Next course is the Clear Seafood Broth with Fish, Shrimp, lots of Veggies. It was perfect for the chilly weather!


Perfect bowl of goodness…


I’m not shy when it comes to food. I’m digging in!


The finale is fried rice with the leftover seafood and veggies that they stir fry right at the table.  We are stuffed and content from another amazing Korean meal!

Kam-sah hamnida Imo!!!!



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