Doraku Restaurant…Perfect Lunch with a Couple of My Favorite Friends!

Doraku Restaurant...Perfect Lunch with a Couple of My Favorite Friends!

In life, you cross paths with so many people and fortunately I met Marche and Darlene at my last job. They are the kind of friends you know that will be in your life forever. I had a great connection and clicked with them from the beginning of our friendships. We are all so busy with our jobs, family, blah blah blah, but it’s important to stay in touch and to find the time to get together even if just for a meal. We agreed on Doraku on Kapiolani Boulevard. This is their second location and opened up just a couple months ago. Trendy, cute atmosphere and the service is also very good too.

I was running late as usual so as soon as I got to the restaurant, they had already ordered this delicous Happiness Sushi…and yes it really made me happy! All the textures and flavors dancing on my tongue.

DSC06399 DSC06404

This is not green tea ice cream. Marche asked for some wasabi and they are very generous with their portions.


They have a great selection of lunch specials that come with Miso Soup, Salad and Japanese pickled vegetables that they make in their own kitchen. Salty, vinegery, crunchy goodness!

DSC06407 DSC06406 DSC06405

I was originally going to order Misoyaki Butterfish, but Darlene said she was having the Panko Hamachi and knowing her, I knew she wouldn’t share so I changed my mind to have the same and so glad I did.


Perfectly cooked fish covered with crispy Panko breading perfectly fried. The sauce was amazing and the grilled Oyster Mushrooms and Asparagus Spears also prepared just right! All of this for onlyh $13.95! This was a super satisfying and reasonably priced meal. I can’t wait to come back again to try some of their other dishes.

Marche ordered the Firecracker Donburi. Lots of goodies served over hot rice, which she loves!


They also have an excellent Happy Hour, which I had been to a couple weeks ago. Great selection and cheap too!

I will definitely be back. It made my day to have a super tasty meal with 2 amazing ladies. I’m grateful again to have true friends like them in my life and of course another yummy meal.

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