My Journey to the Andaman Sea, Thailand

DSCF5893 DSCF5894DSCF5889

Yes… I am “photo bombing” this picture. It was one of the highlights on my trip to Thailand in 2011. We had a full day excursion that was packed full of adventure! It was a beautiful day with beautiful scenery and I was feeling HAPPY!!!!


I met the captain of the boat and shared one of my American cigerettes… it was something different for him.

DSCF5654 DSCF5665

My friends Paul and Monique were excited to see what the day’s adventure would bring us.


And… of course my friend Shelley found her way to the “kitchen” of the boat where they were prepping veggies for our lunch that would be cooked at the beach a little later. She helped out and chopped veggies with the crew.

DSCF5728 DSCF5729

Now…the captain busts out his own “cigerettes”… LOL!

DSCF5785 DSCF5782 DSCF5780

It was getting pretty hot and the ocean was just too tempting not to jump in! Ahhhhhhh.. So REFRESHING!

DSCF5732 DSCF5730

What we soon approached was one of the most gorgeous beaches ever and I live in Hawaii…

DSCF5806 DSCF5801 DSCF5817

The Capain of the boat started a fire and started his cooking magic!

DSCF5825 DSCF5855

We were starving and I don’t know what his special sauce had but it was delicious!


Time to burn off lunch and swing on a rope… even if I don’t know how… FAIL!!!!

DSCF5835 DSCF5838 DSCF5839

We had a great meal, laughed, soaked up the sun and the beautiful beach

DSCF5850 DSCF5840

Now it’s time to head to the secret island…

DSCF5906 DSCF5903

Wow… we get off the boat and literally have to swim through this really dark cave, which is why I couldn’t take pictures. The cave was super crowded with students and other travellers… I couldn’t believe where I was. I’m a strong swimmer but always afraid of the unknown… and finally… we see the light!


The gals literally crash to the sand and John offers foot massages. He’s the BEST!


As we are wandering and checking out this magnificent place, my friend notices a group of students taking a picture and dares me to jump in.

I couldn’t resist! It was crazy and thrilling. They all started screaming and the energy I felt for that moment felt like electricity going through me.


Me and the group were joined by my other friends and we all shared lots of laughter and these pictures captures it ALL! You don’t have to speak the same language to share great energy!

DSCF5893 DSCF5894

One of the best days I’ve ever had. I had great times with my dear friends as well as new friends from a different culture, soaked up the sun, beauty of the world, had some great authentic home-cooking…. What more could I ask for? I feel so fortunate to have gone through this journey to the Andaman Sea.


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