Anyone Want some Live Squid and Fresh Fish? Then You Must Visit KOREA!!!

THIS IS ABOUT AS FRESH AS IT GETS! I had this unique experience on a trip to Korea that I took with my dad and stepmom. Yes, I have to confess I was a bit squirmish, but how could I pass this up???


Off to the ocean we drove…Lots of fisherman everywhere, waters were calm. I was curious and anxious to see what kind of meal we would indulge in.

2008_09202008Korea0068 2008_09202008Korea0066 2008_09202008Korea0065

Ladies with heavy makeup are yelling in Korean to try to draw customers to their dock.

2008_09202008Korea0098 2008_09202008Korea0097

Plastic tables and chairs are pulled out for you.


You can tell this woman who is slicing and carving up the live fish and squid has been doing this all her life. A true expert and it was fascinating to watch her slice up and filet the fish in just a couple minutes.


You are provided lettuce, fresh sliced chili pepper, garlic, waasabi and gojuchang sauce. (Korean Chili Pepper Paste/Sauce)


Sliced fresh fish and seafood to dip in hot sauce and make into lettuce wraps! WOW! Amazing flavors in just one bite!

2008_09202008Korea0088 2008_09202008Korea0087

It’s easiest I learned, to wrap the wriggling squid legs around a chopstick to eat.


We had lots of SOJU to help wash everything down. Definitely an experience you should try on your trip to Korea!


There were lots of  other sea creatures, some looked familiar and some not…

2008_09202008Korea0081 2008_09202008Korea0071     2008_09202008Korea0073

I won’t even mention what this looks like, but it is sliced up and dipped into Gojujang sauce (Korean Chili Pepper Paste/Sauce). Honestly, I had to PASS on this one.

2008_09202008Korea0110 2008_09202008Korea0100 2008_09202008Korea0106

I suppose you need a lot of SOJU on the side! We Koreans LOVE LOVE LOVE SOJU!!! Me included! Cheers to another memorable eating adventure!


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