Making Homemade Kimchee

Practicing making homemade kimchee. I started by sprinkling rock salt on 3 types of greens. Mustard Cabbage, Bok Choy and Choi Sum and let it sit for about an hour…rinse the greens thoroughly then squeeze out most of the water.


I chopped up the greens…


Now it’s time for the sauce using chopped garlic, ginger

DSC06050 DSC06054 DSC06052

Then add shrimp sauce and fish sauce.

DSC06053 DSC06061DSC06056

Then add ground chili pepper powder


A spicy zesty paste is created…

DSC06058 DSC06060

The toss and massage the sauce into the greens.


Tadah…… put into bottles until ready to eat!


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