Cure for a Cold

Ugggghhhh…I can’t believe I caught a cold less than a week before my trip! Oh and did I mention the flat tire I had this morning. I thought I heard an odd noise driving home and checked my tires when I got home, but they looked fine. I got super lucky that nothing happened since I drove on the freeway with this flat tire. Traffic was stalled because a car was being towed and luckily for me, a very nice couple pulled over to my drivers side and the woman brought to my attention that my rear tire was very low. That was the start of my morning… I wish I could’ve crawl back into bed but this big bowl of goodness will have to do, to make me feel better and get me through the day. This is Spicy Kalbi Soup with Long Rice, Egg, lots of Green Onion and is the perfect comfort food for the soul. I guess you can say its the the equivalent to Chicken Soup when you’re not feeling well. Served with a hot bowl of rice and yummy Ban Chan (Korean Side Dishes) you can’t go wrong. Can you believe this big bowl of soup with all the Ban Chan and Rice is ONLY $7.95 at Ja Gal Chi on Young Street? But only from 7am – 3pm. The price goes up a bit after 3pm but it’s stil one of the best deals in town. Ja Gal Chi is a small Korean Restaurant with consistently good food and I would say one of the more authentic Korean Restaurants in Hawaii. It kind of feels like you’re eating at your aunty’s home. Nothing fancy, but good home cooking in a very relaxed casual atmosphere for very reasonable prices. Considering most Korean restaurants, I think the service is also very pleasant too and I really appreciate the warm smiles.


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